About BTBM...

My name is Jeannine, and I've spent over 25 years in advertising and marketing, rising to the top spot of CMO. I have managed over a billion dollars in ad spending as a media buyer during my time in the industry. On the creative side, I am the driving force behind building million-dollar brands and services.

I've been creating digital content since before it was cool or easy, using Adobe on a Mac. It was like carving on stone tablets. Now, with all the new technology available, creating, selling, and updating digital content has never been easier.

I reached a point in my career where I was burning out at work and tired. I needed to stop trading my hours for dollars. I needed a work-life balance. Did you know the tenure of a CMO is under four years, the lowest in the C-suite?

Now, I’m a remote entrepreneur who loves helping people like myself make money by becoming Digital CEOs. Behind the Brand Marketing was created to help digital CEOs save time using brand centric luxury digital products.

Every product I offer for sale at Behind the Brand Marketing has been extensively researched and created using current design trends to ensure high-quality content for our clients. I aim to provide a digital product template that eases the burden of product creation while ensuring substantial value that remains profitable and in high demand.

When not traveling the world with my husband Aharon, we reside between our homes in Dallas, Texas and Zihuatanejo, Mexico.